Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Advertising Like a Mini Movie

Great advertising tells a story. Involves you. Establishes a brand image. Creates desire. Separates you from the competition. Makes the most of its 30-second point of brand contact. Belgian beer maker Stella Artois really pulls it all together in their commercial entitled “Stella ArtoisThe Race, Do it for Papa!”

The TV spot recalls the atmosphere of 1930s-era bicycle racing. Two French brothers compete on their tandem bike on unpaved mountainous roads.

We join them just before the start as they both pay homage to their father, dedicating their race to glory that eluded papa years before. Shortly after the brothers take the lead, a flat sidelines them. While the one brother hurries to repair the flatted front tire, the other holds the tandem and watches a Stella Artois being poured in a nearby bar. The beer looks so delicious, so tempting that he secretly punctures the rear tire.

Their race now over, the two brothers take a seat at the bar. As they enjoy their brew, a gallery of old and yellowed photographs from races past reveals why papa’s glory was lost. Stella!

Well done, Sella! As a brand marketer, the storytelling, branding and production are simply outstanding. As a tandem cyclist who has learned to love the hills, this one’s right on the mark. Whadda ya think, beer drinkers? Time for a Stella?


Paul Hydzik grows brand value. As a brand marketer and award-winning creative leader, Paul has more than 15 years of experience driving business success from start-ups to blue chips. His strategic resume covers all aspects of B2B and B2C branding from go-to-market to consumer insight to identity development and all forms of marketing communication.

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