Friday, January 2, 2009

Tabula rasa...not so much

Every time you launch a blog, you begin with what initially looks to be a blank slate. It's not, of course. To this white space you and I both bring our knowledge. Our experiences. Our points of view.

Brand Contact is a personal look at branding, strategy and all things marketing.

I plan to share a broad look at the current, and future, state of the art. From the essence of brand to building customer relationships to the media and creative tools available to help marketers reach their audience.

Our bent will reveal itself in short order. But here's a hint. Spending formative years with and then helping to lead an integrated marketing agency that proudly holds no media biases creates a decidedly customer-centric point of view. The solution, as we see it, is rarely so simple as to, "heavy up the advertising plan." Nor, "you just gotta be on Twitter." The world is open--and the solutions highly creative. One size does not fit all.

The key is truly knowing your audience and connecting with them with the right message in the right places. Every potential point of brand contact should be singing from the same brand music. The product itself. Packaging. Paid media. PR. Online. Sales. Trade and distribution channel messages. Executive speaking engagements. Internal communication. Customer service. I could go on.

What matters is results. Building brand value, sales and profits. Creating energized employees and passionate customers.

As I share my point of view with you, just as I do in the graduate school classes I teach or the seminars I give, I hope to open a conversation with you that advances our craft and benefits us both. I look forward to hearing from you.

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